The God of the Bible is a maker. A creator. A wonderer. An enjoyer. If we are made in God’s image, then we, too are all of these things. As individuals, we are creative beings, whether we know it or not. And certainly as the church, the very body of Christ, we can make, create, wonder, and enjoy collectively. Worship itself, that weird thing unlike anything else we gather together to do each week, is an endeavor in creation and drama! Simply being together, being this thing called church, requires us to take risks and to imagine, to seek beauty in the ordinary and to wonder what it is that God has in store for us.

Guiding people in that imagining is what I love to do. Grown-ups, kids, worshipers, retreaters, staff… people of all kinds in most any church-related setting. Somehow, I managed to find myself in a ministry position doing just that, among a congregation that puts up with my crazy ideas and jumps into the bucket of paint along with me. I’m learning how God can speak through art of all kinds (not just the professional and polished kind), through exploratory acts of worship, and many times through the simple act of making- together. At some point along the way, as I watched this little congregation joyfully participate in God’s making, creating, wondering and enjoying, it occurred to me that I should probably be writing all this down. I want more churches to experience the beauty of becoming a creative church.

Any church can be a creative church. Really, ANY CHURCH.  You don’t have to have “young creative types” or skilled artists (though you probably have more of those than you realize). You don’t have to have a certain style of worship or particular kind of sanctuary. Any church at all can be a creative church if you have some willing hearts and hands and some ideas to get you started. So that’s why I’m starting this blog. Ideas. I’ve borrowed my share of ideas (can we all take a moment and thank God for Pinterest??) and I love to see God bringing my ideas to life in new ways in other congregations. It is my hope that you will find something here that connects with you. Something that looks fun or meaningful or inspires you to take a risk and experience something altogether new. I’ll do my best to respond to questions, and if you try something, let me know how it goes!

So have fun. Get messy. Make something beautiful. Encounter the One who made you -beautiful YOU- from the muck and the mud, and created the cosmos from the fabric of chaos. I promise, it will be great.