For All Saints Sunday one year, we asked people to bring in homemade Saint cards. Saint cards aren’t an official tradition you’ve never heard of. We made it up!

On the preceding Sunday, the church was asked to think about the Saints in their own lives- the people who had an impact on their lives and faith in significant ways. They could be people they knew or know, historical figures, anyone really that had meant something to them on their walk with God. We asked them to choose pictures or write the names of their saints on index-sized cards and bring them to worship. Creativity was encouraged.

During the week, I hung string between the windows along the sides of our sanctuary and filled the string with clothespins. (Our pastor called it “Holy Clothesline”) Early in the worship service on All Saints Sunday, we invited folks to hang their cards up. We had blank cards available for those who missed the message last week or just forgot. I also used this as an opportunity the week before to talk about Saints with the kids in our afterschool program. They made their own cards and we made a special trip into the sanctuary to hang their Saint cards up. This served double duty, both as a chance to share some Gospel with these kids and to help fill up the Holy Clothesline.

You could display your congregation’s Saint cards any way that works for you, but what was particularly neat about our set-up was that once the cards were up, we were literally surrounded by¬†our own great cloud of witnesses.